Post Surgical Care

Post Operative Care

postsurgicalExperiencing Post-Operative-Care isn’t simple now and again after a surgery or injury, a person may take longer than normal to heal totally. Post-Operative Care in Bangalore, Mangalore starts quickly after surgery. It proceeds for the length of the healing facility stay and will proceed after the patient has been discharged. Post-surgical care in Bangalore will incorporate nursing care proceeds at home since healing centres don’t have the facilities required for long stays. Amidst such circumstances, it is extremely basic to have home medical caretakers or nursing care to oversee intravenous medications or dress an injury at appropriate times or to enable the customers to perform their routine tasks. Post Operative Care is critical and includes everything from pain management & feeding to respiratory management & fluid management. At Das Home Nursing Services in Bangalore and Mangalore get well sooner under the care of our nurses, who will help you with all of this in the comfort of your home.

Our Post Operative team includes :

  • Surgeons and physicians who are specialized in the condition being treated

  • Physical therapists

  • Access to any specialist services when required

  • Other health care professionals

Post-operation, you are vulnerable to infections and complications related to the operation, such as bleeding at the surgical part, blood clot creation, and even respiratory issues. Depending on your condition, the type of surgery you have undergone and how effective the operation was, doctors recommend several steps as post-surgical treatment. It starts right after your operation and its duration may depend on the advice of your doctor and the duration of your recovery.

Post-surgical care includes two major sides :

  • Medical services (Expresses to a medically qualified nurse)

  • Help with everyday life tasks (under the guidance of a skilled nurse, carried out by a nursing clerk/home care assistance)

The nursing caregiver reports to a qualified nurse, which in return reports to the doctor/surgeon of the patient.

Post-operative/surgical care by Home Health Nurses

After the patient is back home, post-operative treatment needs to proceed in a standardized way. In the post-surgery recovery process, nurses and nursing services at home play a very important role based on the formality of treatment to be provided.

Immediately after a patient is brought home, the duties of a nurse, among others, can include the following tasks to ensure proper recovery for the patient:

  • Post-operative dressing and wound management

  • Stitch removal and drain care

  • Administering injections

  • Blood transference

  • Home IV antibiotic therapy

  • Pain control

  • Bed Sore Care

  • Chemo port flushing

  • Diet monitoring and nutritional counselling

  • Patient guidance and family counselling

Importance of Nursing Care Assistants in Post Operative Care

Working in collaboration with nurses and under their guidance are nursing assistants who help patients in their daily activities which are not medical.

Their responsibilities are organized mainly about:

  • Trained guidance with everyday living tasks such as eating, personal hygiene, bathing tasks, etc.

  • Patients' vital signs monitoring and reporting to the supervising nurse of any variation.

  • Medical Fellowship

  • Providing oral medicine

  • Monitoring specific body measurements such as blood pressure, sugar, etc.

  • Assisting with Ambulance and mobility activities

The family members may not be able to respond to the patient full time due to lack of experience or sufficient time. Therefore, assigning treatment responsibilities such as assistance with everyday living tasks to nursing staff reduces the burden on them. It also assures the patient is given the care they desire.

When choosing a home health nurse for yourself or your loved one, always choose a reputable name such as Das Home Nursing Services, one of the top service providers offering Post-Surgical/Operative Care in Bangalore, Mangalore, and a wide variety of health care services in the comfort of your home. At Das Home Health Care’s Post-Surgical Care, you can be assured that highly trained, qualified, and professional home health nurses and health care professionals can provide you with specialized post-surgical care.

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