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As the future in India proceeds to increase and the old population extends their living age there is a developing requirement for home nursing care administrations. Especially in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore.

Patient wellbeing at home is just about as significant as understanding security in medical clinics. Risky conditions in the home can prompt pointless or avoidable hospitalizations.

Individuals from a patient's family are regularly troubled with giving clinical consideration they are not prepared to control. They should likewise adjust their duties at work and at home while really focusing on their friends and family.

Moreover, the children of the patient might be utilized abroad and can't be with their mature guardians. Our attendants are prepared to give a wide assortment of administrations to help care for the matured and wiped out.

Older people face various illnesses as they advance in years including the deficiency of versatility and strength, expanding reliance on taking drugs or different clinical medicines, and an expanded possibility of mental and neurological issues, for example, declining self-assurance, serious wretchedness, and dementia.

Our group will build up an age-explicit arrangement of care dependent on understanding requirements.

Home Nursing Services and Caretaking Service

DAS Home Nursing Services in Bangalore is the most reliable and superior quality home nursing service provider in Bangalore having a dedicated team of qualified nurses and medical caretakers to help you to get the best nursing care at reasonable rates at the comfort of your home.

DAS Home Nursing Services in Bangalore offers the best quality nursing care with dedicated, qualified, trained, and experienced staff to help you heal and recover comfortably at home. We are near to you and we have home nursing services all over Bangalore.

DAS Home Nursing Services is the leading Best Home Nursing Services in Bangalore that provides you with the Best Home Nursing Services ensuring you and your loved ones can live a happy and hassle-free life.

We at DAS Home Nursing Services in Bangalore have been forerunners in providing Home Health Services running 12/24 Hours caretaking a home for over 20 years.

Das Promotions based in 2001 ever Since then we have served over 25000 patients in all 9 Branches across Karnataka with an average of 300-350 patients each month.

We now have 9 branches in Karnataka Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Belgaum, Davangere, Hubli, Shimoga, and Bellary, 4 Coaching centers, 45 Permanent functioning employees, and About 400 nurses have been employed across 9 locations to serve the patients.


Anil Das, Electronic Diploma holder served as executive and manager of marketing. He had been motivated by a social worker named Elizabeth who worked for an NGO named Mother Theresa while he was employed as a supervisor in the Kerala Branch.

He shared his views on serving the public. And they set up a little nursing facility in Bangalore, now known as DAS Home Nursing Services, to serve the needy.

Anil Das became a well-recognized individual in society by active involvement in various social-service organizations. Nursing is mainly predicated on affectionate principles and aims to assist people to achieve self-care independence.

It requires the rise of compassion and a better understanding of human behavior among its professionals to give care with integrity, honesty, and also to guard the rights of people and communities.


We prepare graduates to presume responsibilities as professional, qualified nurses, and midwives in the need of advanced, curative, precautionary, and rehabilitation services in-home caretaker and home nursing services.

Also, we provide Nursing Training for 7th Class, 10th Pass,12th Pass for becoming qualified Nurse. Our trained Nurse would be to urge and care for people and encourage them through illness and health.

But, there are several additional duties of a nurse that form part of the part of a nurse, such as monitoring patient wellbeing and record signals. Administer medications and treatments. Protect communities and persons in defense of health rights and resources, work from the clinic, thorough nursing services, and caretaker for elderly care service, baby caretaking, patient care in hospitals.

In a clinical/public health atmosphere, they are frequently required to assume the role of teacher, supervisor, and manager. Adding to it we provide our Nursing Staff in Hospitals for the Patient Care purpose. This is how we work in DAS Home Nursing Services Bangalore.

DAS Home Nursing Services will assist in:-

  1. Giving Medication
  2. IM/IV Injections
  3. Bedsore Care
  4. Infection Control
  5. Personal Care-Bathing, Grooming, Feeding
  6. Dressing the Wound
  7. Bedsore Prevention and Position Changing
  8. Exercise according to the Doctors Orders.
  9. Physiotherapy
  10. Training Center

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