Newborn Baby and Mother Care

Newborn Baby and Mother Care

Through our newborn baby care service you can rely on us to offer you a comprehensive neonatal care and after pregnancy care by a highly trustful, caring and well trained caregiver. Our caregivers have themselves been mothers and as such are highly experienced in providing new born baby care and post delivery care.

The postnatal stage is the duration after childbirth during which the mother's health and the newborn baby's health change from pre-natal to post-natal. A detailed evaluation and assessment of maternal and newborn health and a thorough evaluation of child health and well-being are important.

Postnatal care within 24 hours of birth is recommended, regardless of where the baby is born. Both the mother and the new-born receive the same level of care and care for their health and well-being - during the post-natal period. Postnatal care of the baby should be carried out within 24 hours of birth in order to be aware of danger signs such as inadequate feeding.

The caregiver or mother can help the new-born take his first breath by immediately rubbing baby's back and feet to stimulate his or her crying, cleaning newborn baby's mouth when he or she has difficulty breathing, and helping to ensure that the baby receives the right amount of oxygen and nutrients necessary for his or her development. Caregivers or mothers can also give special care to the baby by practicing Essential New Born Care or KMC (kangaroo maternity care), which means placing its bare skin on the mother's chest, skin to skin. Breastfeed new-borns within 1 hour after birth and continue to breastfeed for 2-3 hours a day for the first 24 hours of life.

Das Home Nursing is one of Best Home Health Care/Nanny Service Agencies in Karnataka functioning since 2001 in Bangalore, Mangalore. Promising to provide dedicated nannies, caregivers, maternity assistants, guardian, home nurses, Baby and mother massage services to ensure that your journey through childbirth is as beautiful and comfortable as you expected.

Das only hires highly skilled nannies & reviews their history to make sure the mother and newborn baby are in safe hands. Das Home Health Care in Bangalore is an explorer in the unorganized segment of end-to-end maternal and child care services and is now present in Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Hubli, Shimoga, Davangere, Bellary & Belgaum(In Karnataka). We monitor and train our employees closely to take care of mother and child to ensure you get the far needed relaxation & satisfaction. We are committed to providing customized childcare assistance of the highest standards of which you can depend on.

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